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Compass Senior Secondary School is committed to the promotion of  holistic education by providing a wide range of opportunities for young children especially teenagers, towards the development of their talents and interests both inside and outside the classroom.


Our objective is to ensure our esteemed students have the highest expectations of themselves both here at the school and in the world that they will eventually encounter upon graduation.


The education and training provided in our senior school provides a solid foundation which equips and prepares our graduates for higher education in universities both locally and abroad. With the National Curriculum as a guide, the students are given intensive and effective coaching for both WAEC SSCE and NECO SSCE in seven core subjects and seven others, comprising both electives and vocational. The subjects taught include the following:

  • Mathematics

  • English Language

  • Christian Religious Studies

  • Technical Drawing

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Agricultural Science

  • Literature in English

  • Information Technology

  • Fine Arts

  • Geography

  • Economics

  • Commerce

  • Financial Accounting

  • Yoruba

  • Food & Nutrition

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