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About Us


Compass Schools is a continuously improving, well-ordered and caring community committed to providing its students with rich and extensive education. Our experienced educators are committed to the development of valuable learning experiences in a calm working atmosphere within a clear framework of discipline.

We offer students from all walks of life the opportunity to achieve their full academic potentials and to develop their interests and talents in a stimulating environment. Academic expectations are high and students are given every encouragement to develop a love of learning and to pursue excellence. We also value discipline and character development as central to raising the total child. We place emphasis on developing the skills and values that will enable our students become thinking, informed and confident global citizens.

Our intensive curriculum and array of co-curricular activities benefit the students by equipping them with the means to succeed. We offer outstanding facilities and excellent resources for study. The school itself is set in large well-maintained grounds, providing a warm and stimulating environment where students learn and grow together in an atmosphere of co-operation and trust. Our school leavers take with them the confidence and the skills that they will need to achieve success at university and to make a worthwhile contribution to society.

The School is located on two plots of land at 1/3 Popoola Abiodun Banwo Street, Sango Ota off the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.  The serenity of the friendly environment makes it a unique place for learning, not only for academic excellence but also for moral discipline.


Established in 1995, the school is co-educational and multi-cultural, providing a strong academic foundation for students that are set apart in Sango-Ota and environs.

A culture of excellence permeates everything you will experience in all aspects of the School; we are committed to training the total child by providing an all-round qualitative education.

  Our Vision

Our vision is to reach the highest standards of academic excellence and ensure the all-round development of our pupils and students.

Our Mission

Our mission is summed up in our unrelenting efforts at collaborating with our parents to provide an  inclusive  world-class education that promotes students' skills, knowledge and character; motivating them to become confident leaders, role models and global citizens.

This obligation is reinforced through our core values which include: Excellence, Diligence,  Honesty, Fear of God, Co-operation  and Commitment.

Every  learner  at Compass Schools is important to us; we view them as whole persons. Our students receive wholesome   education   that   not only caters for their intellectual needs, but also guarantees their physical,   emotional,  social   and spiritual well-being.   Our approach is directed by the highest Christian ideals which include love and respect for one's fellow  man, service  to the whole community , friendship, understanding and fair mindedness to all.

Our Motto
     ....Education is Life
School Anthem
  1.   Compass School,
Arise and Praise the Lord,
A citadel of Honour and Pride,
Founded on Christ the Rock.
    2.   Compass School,
Here, hard work is our pledge,
To this we dedicate our lives,
In God we put our trust.
   3.    Here we are bound as one,
To achieve our lofty goals,
To be the best in all we do,
Christ is our corner stone.
     4. God, make this school a light,
Within the world to glow,
A little light that burns so bright,
For all the world to see.
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